Description: Welcome to the new website for the CSA-AEC! The Congolese Studies Organization is devoted to promoting information and news about the Congo. For the time being, our main activities are associated with the academic community and scholarly organizations such as African Studies. However, this website is part of an effort to put the intellectual community on the Congo in better communication with wider audiences, such as journalistic institutions, freelance reporters and writers, filmmakers, producers, etc. * The “Scholars” link above is an evolving catalog of specialists on different areas of the Congo and different fields of study. * Our leadership (see the “Membership” link above) is happy to coordinate communication and help those interested in the Congo find the information they need. The Organization is also dedicated to promoting scholarship and information originating in Congo. We are currently distributing information to libraries in Africa on acquiring access to JSTOR, the online database of full text journals. Future projects include a Journal of Congolese Studies that will, in part, work to promote the work of scholars on the continent, events such as conferences and symposia bringing together scholars and thinkers from around the world, and support for students and scholars from the Congo for study, research, and travel. We are a coordinate organization of the African Studies Association and hold conference panels and our annual business meeting at that organizations annual meeting. Mission Statement: The purpose of the Congolese Studies Association (L’Association des Études Congolaises, or CSA-AEC), an independent professional society established in the United States, is to promote research, international cooperation, exchange of ideas, and meaningful dialogue on the Democratic Republic of Congo. L’objectif du Congolese Studies Association–L’Association des Etudes Congolaises, une organisation scientifique indépendante incorporée aux Etats-Unis, est de promouvoir la recherche, la coopération internationale, l’échange des idées, et le dialogue suivi entre les chercheurs sur la République Démocratique du Congo.
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Congolese Studies Association/Association des études congolaises
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