Description: Caribbean Union of Canada is to create unity in the Caribbean World by working and supporting one another, putting on events, and forming string communication skills for the direction of the Caribbean community. Caribbean Union of Canada will have one person from each of their city National Organization to represent their City by creating a National Board to be better organized as a whole, be connected nationally, make better rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and help to make Caribbean Union of Canada function ?as one.? The Caribbean businesses will function under one umbrella and form as ?Caribbean Union- Benefits Committee; this committee will help to implement policies, procedures, to affect protocols in businesses and investment under Caribbean Union of Canada. Caribbean Union of Canada will also collaborate with the other committees, businesses, and organizations outside of Caribbean Union of Canada, to enhance communication and by addressing specific issues that affect the Caribbean Community as a whole. By fixing the root causes, this will help strengthen the unity of Caribbean Union of Canada.
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