Description: Africa is on the rise and there is a business revolution brewing across the continent which can now boost of the fastest growing economies in the world. There is a burgeoning consumer demand from a growing middle class, a population of nearly 2 billion people, of which around 800 million youths are seeking for meaningful and sustainable employment. By 2050 Africa’s population will be the same as what China and India has now. AOP is an innovative digital platform designed to bridge the investment opportunity gap in Africa. Specifically, it seeks to bring African businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and projects into a global marketplace, allowing for projects capital funding from investors all over the world, as well as engagement with the African diaspora community. HOW IT WORKS - INVESTORS Register Become a member of the AOP community using your LinkedIn, Google or Facebook account. Tell us about yourself and your investment goals in Africa. Meet fellow Africa Opportunity seekers. Goal Set your investment criteria and put AOP to work. Identify viable investment opportunities by searching through AOP database. Save your project in your favorites to view later. Connect Get direct access to Project Owners and Entrepreneurs. Consult with our trusted local partners such as law firms, banks, engineering firms etc Stay in touch with the AOP team for any assistance throughout the project life cycle.
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