Description: Latest statistics show that over 100‘000 Africans and people of African origin live or work in Switzerland. This huge population is scattered all over the 26 cantons of the Swiss Confederation, mostly in major cities like Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne, Basel, Berne, Biel, etc. The African population of Switzerland is composed mostly of legal residents who ply their businesses in various fields of the Swiss economy. We have legal practitioners, professional fellows in Swiss Univerties, Financial institutions, Medical and pharmaceutical institutions, informatic and communication firms, sports, science and technological institutions and factories and of course many in diplomatic circles and international organisations mostly in Geneva area and in Berne. There are also African refugees and Asylum seekers. The African community has been organized largely on regional basis. Some associations that are active on the national level only regroup nationals of particular African nations. Others regroup members of the community with similar interests. Today, the African diaspora of Switzerland has the historic opportunity to establish a national platform that unites all interests with the possibility to speak with one voice on the national swiss scene. The Swiss federal office of migrations has shown sincere interest to address the impediments of integration of Africans in Switzerland. It therefore calls for an African national platform as serious partner in the process. This is why the African Diaspora Council Switzerland (ADCS) is founded in November 6, 2010 after extensive contacts, consultations, exchanges and deliberations since at least June 2010. The ADCS proposes to be a Federation of the African Diaspora in Switzerland. ADCS is a member of Forum for the integration of migrants, FIMM Suisse. Our mission then is to create a national platform for all Africans living in Switzerland irrespective of our diversity in order to have a strong voice in the Swiss national events and politics. We believe in unity in diversity. We intend to showcase the real face of Africans in Switzerland with their immense contributions to the Swiss real sectors. In order to guarantee efficiency and active participation of our members, we are organized in commissions and our members must be a member of at least one commission which include: Law & Politics, Information & Communication, Education & Health, Empowerment & Capacity building, Mediation & Conflict Resolution, Culture & Sport, and Finance & Fund raising. Our aims are thus: Creation of network of Africans, African associations, African business outlets, churches and mosques, African embassies as well as other migrant and Swiss associations pursuing African interests. Creation of network for the distribution of information in the African community of Switzerland and promotion of integration of Africans in Switzerland. Creation of a political Lobbying Front for the African Diaspora in Switzerland. Initiation of public campaigns for the promotion of the image of Black people in Switzerland. Capacity building for Africans in Switzerland. Guarantee a steady media presence for the African community of Switzerland. Conflict resolution among Africans in Switzerland as well as between Africans and Swiss authorities and other offices.
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