Description: Mission: We the members of the Cameroon Community of Pittsburgh, in order to foster unity and promote friendship and cooperation among us and the community, bind ourselves to abide by the following constitution and bylaws; therefore, do hereby unify and form the Cameroon Community of Pittsburgh. The purpose of this Association is to foster Unity Promote friendship and cooperation among its members and the community in order to: 1. Improve relations among its members and other members of the community. 2. Act as an identifying and collective body for all its members. 3. Foster the cultural awareness and enrichment of its members by providing a broad spectrum of entertainment and other activities. 4. Create a channel through which its members may interact with the community. 5. Enhance the educational and professional development of its members. 6. Educate the community about political, economic, cultural and social developments in the African continent and Cameroon in particular.
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