Description: Tasks and Objectives AFROTAK TV cyberNomads are committed to an equal partnership between Africa and Europe and to the emancipation of migrants and people of color, the African diaspora in Germany, as well as to equality between women and men. Through the promotion of educational, media, artistic and scientific exchange, AFROTAK TV cyberNomads also contribute to the sensitization of migrant topics in Germany. We are committed to building structures that challenge the European definition power through economic, political and cultural resources, and counteract the racist structures in favor of an equitable exchange . The focus of AFROTAK TV cyberNomads is the self-determined educational, media, artistic And scientific initiatives initiated by the Black Germans and Africans initiated debate with Africa in Germany - into the general mainstream. And thus the attention of the explicit prejudices, The structure analysis of the relations between Europe and Africa, but also the relations of the white German population and the black German population, as well as the people of color in general, is necessary for AFROTAK TV cyberNomads to effectively communicate cultures in the spirit of diversity and international understanding. Only those who know the imperial, colonial and racist past and present and contextualize can move forward into a future that is linked to the spirit of the equal rights partnership. AFROTAK TV cyberNomads offer the initiatives of the Black Germans, Afro-Europeans and Africans a platform for your perspective of Germany, Europe and Africa, which complement the prevailing perspectives of the white experts and replace where necessary to provide a more realistic picture of our existence in the world And thus to contribute in small steps to lead this world into a future which is also ecologically sustainable. AFROTAK TV cyberNomads was founded in 2001 as cyberNomads, a politically independent initiative for political development in the fields of education, media, culture and ecology. We are based in Berlin but work nationally and internationally. We work for equal partnership in Africa and Europe, the emancipation of the African Diaspora Germany and the equality of women and men. Documentary, communicating and visualizing content of self-awareness, art, culture and the arts , Political and cultural resources derived from a colonial past. Only the acknowledgment of an imperial, Racist past and present can empower black-and-white Germany to go into a future that is deriving its strength from the spirit of diversity and understanding of its people. AFROTAK TV cyberNomads is a platform for perspectives of Black Germans, AfroEuropeans and African Diaspora Germany to complement the perspective of the world. African Diaspora Germany Berlin Project Coordination - Culture Media Education Development Cooperation - Book Publications, Multimedia Productions and Political Lobbying - TV Channel and Social Network Africa Germany - AFROTAK TV cyberNomads - Black German Education Media Art & Culture Archive - Black Media Watch since 2001 AFROTAK TV cyberNomads have, since 2001, made educational policy work for a tolerant, diverse society in 3 core areas: 1 culture production / event management & conception 2 documentation, publication and distribution , social networking, online TV channel 3 Political commitment/ exercise of offices, participation in political decision-making bodies In 2010, we organized joint events at the CrossKultur Festival of the Integration Officers Berlin Tempelhof / Schöneberg as part of the exchange with the Turkish community 2010 Media Partner of the Action Plan of the Local Action Plan Berlin-Pankow within the framework of the Federal Program VIELFALT TUT GOOD! Youth for Diversity, Tolerance and Democracy in the Pankow District 2010 Participation Fees European Conference 2010 "Citizenship in the European Union" as experts for migrant citizenship 2010 Participation in the 3rd Bundesfachkongress Interkultur Bochum 2010 as media and cultural lecturer for Migrant Culture Strategies 2010 Participation in the Medienpanel-Talk of the Afrika Festival Steinhude 2010 as a media and cultural speaker 2010 Orientation of AFROTAK TV Media Lounge at Africa Art Exhibition Hamburg 2010 in cooperation with ARCA - Afrikanisches Bildungszentrum e. V. 2010 Participation in ECRI ( European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance) and the German Institute for Human Rights 2010 on the Germany Report 2010 Publication of the article "Negritude - Black global liberation movements of the 20th and 21st century" in the book "Racism in good German" Brandes und Apsel Verlag 2010 2010 Project management . Culture and Media - Coordination on behalf of the Berlin Brandenburg Migration Council to develop the NGO content and recommendations that were included in the regional action plan against racism and ethnic discrimination of the Berlin Senate 2010 Organization of the Black History Month Berlin in cooperation with African Union African Diaspora Committee Germany, Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland Berlin Funding by the Integration Commissioner of the Berlin Senate 2009 Participation in the Berlin Convention on Anti-Discrimination in the Federal Government 2009 on the Offensive for a Non-Discrimination Society 2009 Preparation and co-founding of the African Union Association African Diaspora 6th Region e. V. as the central organ of the African Diaspora Germany on the mandate of the African Union 2009 Organization of the Black History Month Berlin with Institute for Cultural Diplomacy Berlin and the Federal Center for Civic Education . Organization of Panels on "Identity of the African Diaspora in Germany" and "Perspectives of the African Diaspora in Germany" - Funding by Federal Center for Political Education In 2009, AFROTAK TV cyberNomads were invited by the House of World Cultures to initiate a discussion group of German cultural institutions on the integration of migrant women as an adviser and opening speaker 2005 Digital literacy training for refugees and asylum seekers, focus on young people in cooperation with Refugees Emacipation Potsdam. Conception and realization of the MAY AYIM Award - the first Pan-African Black German Literature Award under the auspices of UNESCO Germany. The invitation to tender was designed to deal with black German themes and was awarded a UNESCO project to commemorate the slavery trade and its abolition. Conception of the Black Germania as a symbol of the merging of African and German culture. Realization of the Skultpture by Stephen Lawson. Black Media Congress Berlin 2004 - From Berlin Africa Conference 1884 - Afrofuturism - in cooperation with the Federal Center for Civic Education, the House of World Cultures in Berlin . FOCUS WORLDWIDE / Location House of World Cultures Berlin Funding by Federal Center for Civic Education. Conception and operational project management for professional congresses for students, students, NGOs and multipliers from the media, education and art. 2004 Editor for the online dossier of the Federal Center for Political Education "African Diaspora in Germany" - funding by the Federal Center for Civic Education 2004 Editing and publication of the book "The Black Book - Black Eyelids" on the topic of African Presence in Germany from the Middle Ages to the Present in Cooperation with the Anti - Discrimination Agency Cologne - IKO Verlag 2003 Initiation Black Culture Network Germany Black Media Congress Berlin 2003 - Networking Europe - Best Practices between Grassroots and Mainstream. Content conception and operational project management of a congress for teachers, multipliers, students, students, NGOs, media, education and art. In cooperation with the Federal Center for Political Education and the Heinrich Boell Foundation Berlin . FOKUS EUROPE / Location Heinrich Boell Foundation Berlin Funded by Federal Center for Civic Education 2002 -2006 1. Digital inventory and documentation African presence in Germany. Online premiere of Africa in Germany Online Portal. Bundesweites hosting and editorial support of more than 50 initiatives and associations without their own web presence, eg Africa-Council Berlin, Brothers Keepers - ADERFA eV - AFRO-LOOK - AFRO TV - ANEE e. Association of the Guinnessens de Berlin - BLACK FLOWERS eV - Egbe Omo Onduduwa eV - Global Afrikan Congress - IAAH - ISD Berlin eV - Joliba - Mama Afrika eV - NIDO eV - Oromo Horn of Africa Center - PAF - Pan-African Forum - RACIBB e. V. - Refugees Emancipation eV - Sierra Leone Community eV - Sudanclub eV - Uganda Community Berlin - Umoja wa Tanzania eV Encyclopädica Afro Germanica - Structure of the Digital History Archives . Digitization of existing community archives, print publications, magazines, expansion of the video documentation of the African Diaspora in Germany, which began in 1987. Probably the most extensive existing archive on Africa in Germany. Black Media Congress Berlin 2002 - Soul Power and Cyberspace Content Conception and operational project management of a congress for teachers, multipliers, students, students, NGOs and media, education and art. In cooperation with the Federal Center for Civic Education and the Goethe Institute Berlin FOKUS GERMANY / Location Goethe Institut Berlin Funding by Federal Center for Civic Education. In 2002, we launched the Black Media Network , an overview of Schwarzer Medien's work in the fields of print, television, radio and online presences in various forms. We are celebrating the experiences of the Black German Media, And those of the African Diaspora Germany. It is an important concern for us to meet the mainstream for the exchange of experiences and the expansion of the educational horizon, as well as the creation of new forms of racism and discrimination-free education. Close cooperation with institutions such as the Federal Center for Civic Education has resulted 2001 Eventmanagement Bonn - content conception and operative project management of a congress for teachers, multipliers, students, students, NGOs and the media, education and art. - the inventory of educational products in the historical context. In cooperation with ADEFRA and the regional center for political education NRW funding by Federal Center for Political Education AFROTAK TV cyberNomads - OUR Project-History The Beginning The Diaspora experiences of the AFROTAK TV cybernomads team serve as a pool for a variety of contacts around Europe and around the Black Atlantic. In 2001 we started with an old 300 MHz Pentium computer, which was the first ideas for the project. Michael Kueppers-Adebisi's long-term passion for the documentation of the Afro-German experience as a diaspora in private archives, together with his original concept for a black. The concept for a digital culture pilot project dedicated to the integration of selfempowering migrant diaspora communities into the German mainstream what developed in close co-operation with Thorsten Schilling - the head of the multimedia department at BpB (Federal department for Political Education in Germany) in Summer 2001. In fall of 2001, the BpB has been involved in the development of a digital architecture for cyberNomads as a pilot community project for ISD Berlin eV (Initiative Black Germans and Blacks in Germany). January 2002 cyberNomads opened its office in the old Jewish quarter in the heart of Berlin Mitte at Hackischer Markt.A strategy plan for the development of the community For political education in NRW. In summer 2002 we have a major multimedia design company to supply the project with a professional content management system. The goal is to provide a platform uniting the various isolated and often fragmented Black German Diaspora communities of African descent around Germany. As a result we had the first major content management system used by a non-profit initiative in Germany. Due to our avant-garde concept the Bertelsmann Foundation in 2002 chose the project as one of the 15 best social business ideas from over 600 competition entries worldwide. We called the databank behind it, the "mother ship archives" the launched in autumn 2002 in Berlin. At the end of 2004 co-founder Abdulrahman Satti left the project to focus on his artistic development. Since 2005 we keep the project alive with our private funds and resources. Project History: Highlights & Milestones 2001 cyberNomad's conceptual position 2002 cyberNomads Internetportal Online premiere online database including CMS system Realization by Anymotion Düsseldorf Project Funding Federal Center for Political Education Bonn CyberNomads Participants Final Social Business In spring 2003 cyberNomads AFROTAK succesfully developed and realized the 1 st Afro German Multi Media Spoken Word Performance in Berlin's prestigious museum Martin Gropius Bau. CyberNomads Thus introducing spoken words by Black Germans and people of African descent to a major art institution. Afro German Spoken Word Artists enact their trans-cultural experiences. They are looking at each other in a different way, and they are looking at each other. The word turns into a nomad. It turns to music, dance, painting and installation in the search for a new transcultural identity. Afro German Roots are re (dis) covered in JazzOetry and Prenzlauer Berg Lyrics, Ragga and Concrete Poetry, Acid Jazz and New Hoerspiel and Dub Poetry and Haikus as the Afro German That lasts for about 1 ½ hours and takes you beyond the spiritual limitations of what is known as genre. Agna Sharifa Mami Watu, Amy Rebecca Evans, Olumide Popoola, Bullet Proof Soul featuring Curley Energies The AfroEnglish MultiMedia Spoken Word Performance can be booked through AFROTAK cyberNomads and is updated according to event, Afro German Spoken Word Performance Concept & Multimedia Direction by cyberNomads Performance in Martin Gropius Bau Berlin and Project Funding Federal Center for Political Education Bonn / Deutscher Kirchentag
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