Description: The Cameroon Diaspora Network Germany (CDN.G) is a network of leading associations of the Cameroonian Diaspora in and out of Germany. Its goal is to create and promote synergies in the respective activities of member associations. The formation, structure and objectives of the CDN.G are presented below. Origin: Facts about the Cameroonian Diaspora in Germany: According to the Federal Statistical Office, 16.000 Cameroonians live in Germany (2007). The Cameroonian community is the third largest group of African migrants and has the highest number of African students in Germany (2006). A large number of Cameroonians (about 125) work as researchers at German universities. With the sum of 1.500 EUR per person, per year, the Cameroonian Diaspora invests about 21 billion CFA francs in their home country. This constitutes a substantial amount of Cameroon?s gross national product (GNP). There are about 100 registered Cameroonian associations in Germany. A combination of the skills of the different associations was therefore more than necessary! After a two-year preparatory phase, the CDN.G was formally created on the 30.05.2009 during the annual Challenge Camerounais event in Cologne, which brings together more than 3.000 Cameroonians together. This event is of sports, culture, social and business nature. Current member associations: Challenge Camerounais; Cameroonian Forum for the medical and paramedical sciences (CAMFOMEDICS); Club des Amis de l'Allemagne (CAA). Objectives: The key objectives of the CDN.G are: To represent the interests of the Cameroonian Diaspora on general questions and themes during encounters with Cameroonian, German and European public authorities and institutions. To coordinate the activities and initiatives of the Cameroon Diaspora in Germany. To promote bilateral cooperation between Cameroon and Germany as well as with other European countries, especially in the areas of development cooperation, economy, health, education, culture, and information technology in accordance with the millennium development goals. Education and promotion of the economy and technology with the aim of pulling investments to Cameroon as well as the support of international development projects aimed at empowering the civil society. Improvement of social, professional and academic integration of the Cameroonian Diaspora in Germany, the German Diaspora in Cameroon as well as supporting the return and reintegration of Cameroonian from Germany to Cameroon.
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