Description: African Diaspora in Suriname (South America), and in the Netherlands (Europe). Expert in Governmental Administration, Civil Society Representative for the Decade of the People of African Descent at the United Nations during the Launching on 10 December 2014; One of the Leading Activist for the Implementation of the UN Durban Declaration and Programme of Action (2001) and the African Union African Diaspora 6th Region Policy; Chair of the African European Women's Movement ‘Sophiedela’; Chair of the National Platform of Dutch Slavery Past; President of the Pan-African Strategic and Policy Group (PanAfstrag Europe EU/NL). ECOSOCC (AU Economic, Social and Cultural Council) Delegate to the Europe Region; Board Member of Tiye International (umbrella of 21 National Organizations of Black, Migrant, and Refugee Women and Youth in the Netherlands, with UN and ECOSOCC status). Advisory Board of the Millennium Development Goals Global Watch; Coordinator of the African Union African Diaspora Facilitators Working Group in Europe; Initiator and Member of the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action Monitoring Working Group Europe/NL; Member of the Global Coalition International Decade for People of African Descent; Board Member of the African Union African Diaspora Leaders Forum; Affiliated Member of the Sub Regional Diaspora Council in the USA; Member of the Pan-African Diaspora Union. More at
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