Description: AMF is a not-for-profit organisation whose primary objective is to reform the role of money in society for the benefit of people and the environment. The founders of Africa Mpya Foundation (AMF) are a group of UK based Africans in the Diaspora. The group comprises of individuals with diverse professional skills, experiences, common roots and a passion for Africa. They were initially brought together by the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) under the Diaspora ChangeMakers programme with the aim of leveraging their expertise for the benefit of communities in both the Diaspora and Africa. AMF is a not-for-profit organisation whose primary objective is to reform the role of money in society for the benefit of people and the environment. This objective will be achieved by connecting the expertise and resources of Africans in the Diaspora with the financial, economic and educational opportunities of the African continent. AMF believes that Africans in the Diaspora will more effectively contribute to the development of Africa and their host communities in the UK if both their individual and collective aspirations are realised. Research has shown that people of African origin in the UK (and indeed elsewhere in Europe) face inordinate difficulties/barriers in accessing bank finance.1 A priority for the Foundation therefore is the establishment of a bank, registered and head-quartered in the UK. It will have an overriding commitment to improving access to finance for the Diaspora community. This has the potential to have transformative effects on not only individuals and businesses in the diaspora community, but also on the host country as well as their countries of origin. The Foundation’s philosophy and its not-for-profit objectives however do not start and end with the establishment of the proposed bank. They will continue in parallel to those of the bank, and it is expected that the proposed bank will devote a proportion of its annual profit to the Foundation’s wider causes in education, health, housing, job-creation, among others, both in Diaspora and Africa. Vision AMF’s vision is: “To be an organisation that contributes to the improvement in the quality of life of both in the Diaspora and Africa”. In this context, quality of life encompasses financial, educational, housing, employment, health, gender, and environment considerations. Mission The mission of AMF is to reform the role of money in society so that it benefits and addresses the needs of people and the environment in order to enable our planet to thrive. Values underlying the Foundation The fundamental values that underpin the AMF’s operations and strategic objectives are as follows: Dedication: A deep dedication to serving the narrow and wider financial, social and economic needs of both the Diaspora and Africa. Integrity: The Foundation will adhere to the highest personal and professional standards of integrity in dealings with all its stakeholders. Ethical base: Ethical considerations will underlie all decisions regarding the Foundation’s operations and interactions with its stakeholders and the wider environment. Transparency: The Foundation will be accountable and transparent in all its dealings with various stakeholders, which will include donors, sponsors, intended programme beneficiaries, staff and the general public. Inclusivity: The focus of the Foundation is on serving the needs of both the Diaspora and African. This however will not preclude other individuals or communities outside this group, who share the Foundation’s ideals and passion, from working for the Foundation or benefitting from its activities and services.
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Africa Mpya Foundation
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