Description: Small but mighty nonprofit with the mission to serve, empower and promote the integration of refugees, asylees and immigrants from Africa and around the world. American history is forged upon the mutual assistance of community members, who have helped one another in acclimating to new surroundings, building new beginnings, and living the American Dream. The Pan-African Association continues the historic tradition of mutual aid, empowering individuals to live better lives through the strength of community. Our mission is a powerful one: to enable Chicago’s refugees and immigrants to come together as a cohesive, supportive group. In so doing, people work hand-in-hand to ensure self-reliance, and healthier, happier lives. We do so in a variety of ways: providing tools that enable self-sufficiency and improve family health; strengthening mental outlooks through mentorship, workshops, and support groups; building bridges between Africans of all nations and Chicagoans from all backgrounds; forming collaborations that build happier lives, and assisting Chicago’s African community to maintain its rich cultural heritage of music, art, dance, culinary, and literary achievements. We invite you to join us as a volunteer, audience member at one of our cultural events, a beneficiary of our community-building, life- enriching programs, or as a friend.
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Pan-African Association
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