Description: LACK HERITAGE PLC is a youth based organizations that focuses on human capacity building, volunteering media development and women empowerment as a mean to enlighten and awaken the minds of the youth. BLACK HERITAGE PLC believes a reconstructed mind is a reconstructed African Society, hence the urgent need to awaken the minds of the people to act in an Africa centered approach- a sustainable approach towards continental and racial development. BLACK represent the color of the African people whilst HERITAGE signifies our pride,culture, and history hence the name BLACK HERITAGE. Africa and Ghana can not get to its desired state if the mindsets of the people are different; if we have apathy towards development and if we see nothing good about Africa.Our minds need to be reoriented to see Africa with hopes and aspiration and these has been the fundamental reason behind this youth group. BLACK HERITAGE PLC believes in the voice of the people and does uses bottom up approach in all its activities where the people are the forerunners in all activities and operations. Our sources of finance shall be from the co operate world,partners who buy into our ideas and aspirations, as well as proceeds from our conferences and events. Having satisfied the National Youth Authority (NYA) of Ghana with our aims and objective to render selfless services to the youth of Ghana and in accordance with NRC degree 241 of 1974 we have been registered with NYA with registration number 010 under the regional office of National Youth Authority Upper West Regional Office. MISSION Our mission is to inspire and train a new crop of selfless and dedicated leaders in an African centered approach towards a redefinition of leadership towards a restructured African society. OBJECTIVES i.To promote and awaken the consciousness of the African youth using volunteerism, community outreach, conferences and seminars as a means of empowering the youth. ii. To liaise with professional bodies and organizations that has interest in youth development and capacity building for African youth improve upon society wit the youth being the leadership of change so much desired in all spheres VISION Our vision is to see a generation of empowered African youth ready for change. ACTIVITIES i. Volunteerism ii.Human Capacity Building iii.Women Empowerment iii. Community Development OUR MOTTO Awakening the consciousness of the people. DEPARTMENTS AND PROJECTS A. HUMAN CAPACITY BUILDING (CONFERENCES AND SEMINARS) Under this department we have the “woman of substance project” which is a specially designed conference held every six months for only women to address pertinent issues affecting them on health, career, education, leadership,women rights and relationship. Campus Series and Business class conferences all fall under this department which is headed by a project co coordinator with support from a secretary and organizer. B. MEDIA DEVELOPMENT Under the media department, we publish the motivational and educative weekly HERITAGE POINT and monthly HERITAGE DISCOVERY research findings to our email,and social media broadcast list and pages. This department is as well mandated to carry on publicity for all events organized by the organization. The media team also runs the HERITAGE MEDIA ACADEMY (a media training school for students and youth who wants to take up media work) C. VOLUNTEERISM This department carries out volunteering activities in various forms. The department also takes up the task of forming clubs across various schools to encourage reading and learning as well as volunteerism among students and the youth in general. “READ A BOOK A TERM” is also a project being carried out under this department. books are donated to stock the library of schools we go to lecture so as to encourage reading among students. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE OF BLACK HERITAGE BLACK HERITAGE has a well-structured hierarchy of leadership that ensure efficiency, transparency and division of labor. There are various project coordinators, secretary and organizers at each department who administratively fall under the executive director.The executive director is also answerable to the board of directors.The executive director works with a secretary and a treasurer who foresees all financial issues regarding the organization. The executives meet every quarterly with the board of directors to take advice, submit quarterly report and outline action plans for various activities. This is the structure of BLACK HERITAGE PLC Three member board of directors Executive Director General Secretary General organizer Treasurer (Departmental heads, project co coordinators and their secretaries and organizers)
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