Description: The Danish Refugee Council Diaspora Programme (DRCDP) recognises the important financial and social role diaspora communities play in the rehabilitation of their countries of origin, mostly through the transfer of financial remittances targeting individual households and families. The DRCDP seeks to shift some of these social and financial remittances towards a more development orientated focus by strengthening the role of diasporas as development agents. Thus, it is improving the impact of overall relief, rehabilitation and development activities. The programme, which is funded by the Danish government through the Danish International Development Agency, is being implemented from December 2012 to November 2015 focusing on Somalia and Afghanistan due to their large diaspora communities in Denmark. Under the programme Somali and Afghan diaspora organisations in Denmark can apply for funding to implement relief, rehabilitation and development projects in their former home counties. In addition to the funding mechanism, the project offers extensive capacity building activities in order to improve the diaspora organisation’s capacities with regard to project design and management, thereby improving their capacity to develop sustainable and effective projects for the benefit of their home countries.
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