Description: Fonkoze is Haiti’s largest microfinance institution, offering a full range of financial and development services to Haiti’s rural poor. Since 2004, we have worked to provide tens of thousands of Haitian women with a comprehensive approach to poverty alleviation. To learn more about our Staircase Out of Poverty and how it empowers Haitian women to create a brighter economic future for themselves, their children and their communities, see What We Do. Our Team Meet the dedicated people who make Fonkoze’s work possible. From our executive leadership to our network of credit agents, Social Impact monitors, and case managers working in the provinces throughout Haiti, our employees’ dedication remains the driving force behind everything we do. Together with our board members, donors, and partners, we form the Fonkoze Family—a team committed to helping build a brighter economic future for Haiti. Learn more Where We Work Fonkoze has 46 branches throughout Haiti, making it the country’s largest microfinance institution. See how our extensive branch network enables Fonkoze to provide rural Haitians with financial and development services in even the most remote areas of Haiti. Learn more Our Story Fonkoze began as the vision of Haitian priest Fr. Joseph Philippe, who started out with three volunteers and a borrowed building. We are now Haiti’s largest microfinance institution. Learn more about our founding and what drives us to continue to innovate on behalf of Haiti’s poorest. Learn more - See more at: Offering both financial and development services, Fonkoze’s Staircase Out of Poverty provides a comprehensive approach to poverty alleviation in Haiti. Each of its four Steps is uniquely designed to provide a woman with the resources and support that she needs to ascend from poverty, wherever she is in her climb. Along with the four main Steps, Fonkoze’s Staircase includes “Handrails”—programs that provide our members and clients with business skills training, education, and health services to support them as they progress. Our accompaniment is designed to help women succeed as they do the hard work required to climb the Staircase, creating a better future for themselves and their families. Step One: Chemen Lavi Miyò (CLM) Chemen Lavi Miyò (CLM), or “the pathway to a better life,” provides Haiti’s poorest women with the tools and support needed to pull themselves and their families from ultra poverty into self-sufficiency, with hope and vision for their futures. Learn more Step Two: Ti Kredi Ti Kredi (“Little Credit”) provides microfinance services, along with business skills training, mentoring, and weekly life skills education, to women who do not qualify as ultra-poor, but who remain incredibly vulnerable, both personally and financially. Learn more Step Three: Solidarity Solidarity lending, Fonkoze’s core microfinance program, provides joint loans to groups of five women (called a Solidarity group). Learn more Step Four: Business Development Fonkoze’s Business Development program provides clients with individual 12-month loans beginning at $1,300, helping entrepreneurs generate essential economic activity and create jobs in rural areas throughout Haiti. Learn more The “Handrails” In addition to our microfinance programs, Fonkoze provides Education and Health services, and Business Skills Training which serve as Handrails to support our clients along their climb up the Staircase Out of Poverty. Business Skills Training Learn more Education Learn more Health Learn more
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