Description: Everwise exists to solve an acute challenge – providing highly motivated professionals with the opportunities they uniquely need to be successful throughout their careers. Everwise breaks down the barriers that prevent people from tapping into the resources they need to grow professionally. We leverage a novel and powerful combination of high touch and high tech to create a brand new paradigm for developing talent. People-powered, boundary-breaking and individualized, Everwise is revolutionizing the way successful professionals grow their careers. Our Vision We see a time when everyone is connected to the people and resources they need in order to realize their full career potential. We exist to change the world— one career at a time. Our Values 1 Impact We work every day to help our users grow in their careers. We think about touching millions, but never lose sight of each user’s experience. We’re thoughtful, and have a strong bias towards action. 2 Humility We admit when we don’t know something but hold our ground when we do. We seek inspiration from others and always give credit where it’s due. We ask for help when we need it. 3 Ownership We know this is our business and act like it. If we see something, we say something. We’re not afraid of conflict but are always respectful. 4 Curiosity We listen deeply and keep an open mind. We don’t just take things for granted; we question everything. We ask why with annoying frequency. 5 Good Judgment We want to win, but not at all costs. We do the right thing, even when no one’s watching. We prioritize well— we can’t do everything perfectly and want to be proud of everything we ship. 6 Ambition We want Everwise to be the best in the world. We each want to be the best at what we do.
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