Description: Our Mission Our mission is to establish a sense of community for the African Diaspora online by sharing in our common experiences across the globe. As a first step to fulfilling this mission, The Black Report was founded by Richard Jones (AKA ‘The Black Bill Gates’) in 2001 to serve as a free online news service, with featured news headlines from around the world. Today The Black Report is one of the leading Black websites in the world. So How Does The Black Report Make Money? The Black Report makes money through clearly identified banner ads and advertisement text links. We also keep our expenses low by partnering with the most trusted providers in the business instead of doing everything ourselves. How Can I Help? We’re glad you asked! Our goal is to be the best portal on the Web, but we can’t do it without your help. If you like what we’re doing, please take a moment to connect with The Black Report on Facebook and make your homepage today. Also continue to send us your feedback as we work toward adding new services to the site. Thanks again and stay tuned….the best is yet to come. – The Black Report Team
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