Description: Nonprofit Empowerment Group was established in 2003 to provide effective management and consulting services to nonprofits, grantmakers, corporations, governments, professional societies, and academic institutions. NEG offers consulting services by providing access to knowledgeable experts in various disciplines to address the key issues that challenge its clients. Our professionals provide a wide range of industry experience including, but not limited to, healthcare, education, human development, social and economic development and strategic giving. Global Network NEG engages over 200 consultants from over 20 countries who represent a broad spectrum of areas of expertise and have extensive hands-on experience in working with nonprofits, international donor agencies, and governments. NEG’s main office is located in Chicago with a team of full time employees who ensure efficient customer interfacing and coordination services. A global network of partners enables NEG to oversee and support projects around the world. NEG is privileged to have a culturally diverse network of partners and consultants who belong to the following countries: Global Partner Network AZARBAIJAN BANGLADESH BRAZIL CHINA EGYPT INDIA INDONESIA MEXICO MOROCCO NETHERLANDS PAKISTAN RUSSIA PHILLIPPINES UNITED KINGDOM SAUDI ARABIA SUDAN SOUTH AFRICA TANZANIA TURKEY QATAR
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Nonprofit Empowerment Group


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