Description: About the District Government Website DC.Gov is the official web portal for District government information and services. Launched in 1999, the award-winning web portal has grown to include over 100 websites for District government agencies and topics ranging from sustainability to being an age friendly city to the quadrennial Presidential Inauguration. DC.Gov's annual traffic is higher than many comparable population-sized municipalities and counties, with over 14 million visitors making 29 million visits in 2013 (an increase of nearly a million visitors and 2.5 million visits over 2012). Visitors include District residents and businesses, state and Federal agencies, and visitors from the US and abroad. The District’s unique governmental status requires websites that address state, county and municipal functionality. The portal provides over 250 online applications (30 alone for DMV) and more than 170 online forms making it easier for District residents and businesses to transact with their government. The portal reflects a strong commitment to transparency, open government, the integration of social media, accessibility and the thoughtful application of new web technology to serve the local residents of the District, such as the use of an open source CMS, responsive design and the growing use of mobile apps. Responsive design, which makes it possible to more easily access District information and services using any device, is increasingly important for a positive user experience: in 2013, more than 20% of visitors accessed DC.Gov using either a mobile device (15.24% of users) or tablet (5.44% of users). This is up from just 1% in 2009. And the trend continues to climb.
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Executive Office of the Mayor of Washington DC


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