Description: The Nubian Network is a gate keeper organization, established as a spiritual guide to Black Truth and the realm of Black Consciousness. Whatever path you are on, we provide information, products and dvds that will help you on your journey. We specialize in Metaphysical, Spiritual, Historical, Health, Economic, Political and Pan-Afrikan Productions. Some of the footage we provide may be raw 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation copies, that will never be seen in any quality or record, unless we continue to offer what we have collected to the general public. Many of the speakers are but one or two generations from their people having been colonized and put in slave quarters or the reconstruction period of U.S. story. To our knowledge, Black people do not have million dollar budgets as of yet; to have our story put on film or dvd; that is not some form of entertainment. A good teacher or good student learns from the best materials made available, if they really want to teach or learn. These products show a shift to including cooperative economics in our daily practices as well as a position of purpose!
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