Description: 2 DECADES, 35,000 VOLUNTEERS AND 1,000s OF LIFE CHANGING STORIES This speaks volumes about Cross-Cultural Solutions’ passion for sustainable international volunteering. We believe that through meaningful volunteer service we can build relationships and connections that are essential components to increased tolerance and global awareness. Our Vision is of a world where people value cultures different from their own, are aware of global issues, and are empowered to affect positive change. Our Mission is to operate volunteer programs around the world in partnership with sustainable community initiatives, bringing people together to work side-by-side while sharing perspectives and fostering cultural understanding. We are an international nonprofit organization with no political or religious affiliations. OUR APPROACH TO INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEERING As a leader in the field of international volunteering for 20 years, we know that the best approach to international volunteering—the only approach—is one designed by the community. We believe that the local people are the experts. In every community in which we work, we have long-standing relationships with local organizations who communicate real-time needs and objectives to the CCS team. Our in-country team is made up entirely of local nationals and volunteers work alongside local people. This community approach was specifically designed to make sure our programs generate sustainable impact. Our volunteer work contributes to five key objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: END POVERTYin all its forms everywhere END HUNGERachieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture ENSURE HEALTHY LIVESand promote well-being for all at all ages ENSURE INCLUSIVE AND EQUITABLE QUALITY EDUCATIONand promote lifelong learning opportunities for all ACHIEVE GENDER EQUALITYand empower all women and girls
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