Description: Welcome to The Hispanic American! History has shown us the widespread influence of Hispanics in shaping the US geographically, politically and socially. Hispanic and American relations can trace their roots to the beginning, when both continents, the North and South Americas, were still forging their histories and regional identities. Thus the Hispanic American cultural identity is just a fusion of the two, a marriage of sorts of two continents at odds with each other and yet contiguous in location and in social depth. In recognition of this relativity of culture and race, was created. It is a site celebrating the triumphs and joys of a people strengthened by history, social thought and politics to become one of the most influential groups in America today. They have achieved stature not only through their number but by the quality of victories they've won in establishing Hispanic culture as part of the American culture. Like the African Americans, Hispanic Americans have been struggling against discrimination and poverty, lack of education, and low economic power. Despite these, many notable Hispanic Americans are found in wide-ranging areas of employment from the high ranking positions in corporate and political arenas to the far-reaching fields of science, religion and entertainment. The popularity of Hispanic American culture has gained an Internet following in the recent years. One can easily find websites dedicated to Hispanic American cooking, fashion, music and film, literature and the arts, politics and social issues, parenting and romantic relationships, and even traditions that trace their roots to Hispanic culture. At, visitors can find useful resources on Hispanic American Culture, Hispanic American History, and Hispanic American Lifestyle. Explore the site for Famous Hispanic American Biographies, Hispanic American Scholarships, and Hispanic American Jobs. There is also a list of links to other Hispanic American websites such as the Hispanic American DiversityWorking Community.
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Hispanic American
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