Description: Advance is a community of global Australians who are able to make a difference for Australians, Australian companies and Australia around the globe. We are devoted to the exchange of knowledge, connections and ideas to: Inspire and empower other global Australians to succeed in the world Build entrepreneurial Australian companies globally Grow global career opportunities for global Australians Create opportunities to be a ‘brain resource’ for Australia. A virtual meeting place of Australia’s most dynamic dreamers and achievers, Advance turns the collective goodwill and experience of our members into a vibrant resource of ideas, advice, inspiration and opportunities. Our ultimate aim is to create a global community of Australians, alumni of Australian universities and 'friends of Australia' that benefits: Australian companies with global growth aspirations Young Australians who want to make their mark Established leaders who want to give back to the next generation of Australian talent Global Australians that want to be a ‘brain resource’ to Australia through their knowledge, connections and expertise Join the fastest growing community of global Australians, an online and live community that sets the stage for people to forge friendships, share knowledge, share experience, spawn new business ideas, discuss global issues and support, challenge and influence.
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