Description: The Anguilla Progressive Association of New York (APANY) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that was organized in 1996 by a group of concerned Anguillians and friends of Anguilla. The mission of APANY is to provide assistance for the educational, social, economic and cultural needs of Anguillians at home and abroad. APANY Inc. engages in various funding and fund raising activities to accomplish its goals of developing opportunities for all Anguillians. APANY’s primary fund raising event is its Annual Dinner and Awards Dance, when it celebrates Anguilla Day and presents awards. APANY has honored Anguillians in the New York metropolitan area as well as those living in Anguilla for their continued outstanding contributions to their respective communities or institutions. Awardees have freely given their time for the general welfare of Anguillians. APANY strives to carry on the philanthropic ideas of the previous organizations, such as The Anguilla Progressive Society of New York that was started here in New York in 1923; and the Sons and Daughters of Anguilla of New Jersey. Membership in the Association is open to any person who shares a common interest in promoting the goals and objectives of the Association. APANY also works with several organizations in Anguilla to accept contributions in North America. Goals and Objectives: To conduct activities which are charitable, educational, and cultural To unite all people who are interested in the island of Anguilla. To promote the goodwill and general welfare of its members To provide assistance to persons in need To provide activities for the elderly and youth To provide scholarship awards To provide mentors to assist and encourage students who receive scholarships To sponsor and support cultural and visual arts programs. THE ANGUILLA DIASPORA ALLIANCE " IN PROGRESS" Diasporas do matter and play an important role as an economic driver for both host countries and countries of origin. But the capacity of diasporas and migrants in general is very much ignored, causing damaging economic and social consequences across generations and for societies. Why do diasporas matter? Even though many people in diasporas have been separated from their origin countries for long periods, many are still connected through active participation in organized diaspora communities. Based on these continuing ties, policy makers, employers and business owners should regard diasporas as strategic elements for their businesses. Organized diasporas in communities function for the interest and best of their origin and host countries, but most importantly for the sake of their own wellbeing. Only they are equipped with unique intercultural and other knowledge and capabilities that can serve the needs of their home and host communities. How can APANY play an important role and connect with investors and social entrepreneurs? At APANY, we can mobilize relevant resources from both the public and private sectors, including government authorities, policymakers, multilateral agencies, private businesses, Anguillians living abroad, and a wide range of civil society organizations.All of these sources can contribute to development efforts on the island. An emphasis on building partnerships among the many stakeholders is a good practice for development generally, and diaspora engagement in particular. Diaspora Tourism Anguillian diaspora populations can play a unique and important role in boosting tourism in Anguilla as well as in supporting initiatives to produce goods associated with the cultures of the island. Tourists from the diaspora are more likely than other international travelers to have or make connections with the local economy. They may for example, opt to stay in small, locally owned accommodations (or with relatives) andalso eat in local restaurant or take a trip to the local grocery store around the corner. Diaspora Tourism and Generation Differences Government and tourism industry leaders should be attentive to the different tastes and interest among newer elements of diaspora tourism. Second-and third generation Anguillians living abroad may not have family living back home (their country of origin) but may certainly want to visit their ancestral roots. The key for growing this tourism sector is to promote and advertise suitable tourism campaigns directed at this specific group. At APANY we have partnered with a number of business leaders in the tourism sector and will take the lead in promoting evolving methods of attracting younger visitors as new socio-economic development project for Anguilla.
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