Description: In the current period of globalisation it is more important than ever to be informed about international affairs. This site helps explain new trends in diplomacy and foreign affairs, the strategic environment, international economy, and the bases of other cultures. Articles, research papers, lectures, centre and subject outlines, audio-visual materials, news, and links are provided to create a wide-ranging set of international relations resources. You may need to reload the page to see new features. The International Crisis Group (ICG) has a wide range of updates and research papers on crises across the globe at http:// The International Labour Organisation has an extensive website, with access to detailed histories of the labour movement in the 21st century. The International Relations and Security Network, a Swiss contribution to Partnership for Peace, has a wide range of news updates, links and in depth pieces. The International Women's Development Agency has been active for over fifteen years as a non-government orgnisation involved in partnership programs around the world designed to relieve poverty and oppression. Current projects are underway in Bougainville, along the Thai-Burma border and in Vietnam. The Journal of Humanitarian Assistance is a searchable, on-line journal with a range of useful information on peace and development studies, published by the Department of Peace Studies, the University of Bradford. The Journal of World History provides an archive of current and past articles on world perspectives, located at The Journal of World-Systems Ressearch A useful on-line journal featuring articles on the environment and world systems theory. Le Monde Diplomatique This on-line journal (in English as well as French) has a wide range of short critical articles on diplomacy and International Relations. About one quarter of the content allows free access. NDI (National Democratic Institute for International Affairs) Access Democracy has a useful search engine with documents monitoring elections, democracy and human rights, including pages on Latin America, at The Royal Institute of International Affairs has a range of useful artilces and briefings on global affairs, most recently on Liberia and Iraq. The South Centre provides critical perspectives of the UN, reform and other developmental issues, including a regular Bulletin. A wide range of informative articles can be found in the UN Chronicle, plus links to other UN databases, access via Wikipediais a useful and detailed free web resource, an open source encyclopedia with over 441,000 articles. Though not peer reviewed, its articles are often a useful starting when read critically. Located at The World Values Survey provides a range of useful information on political, social and cultural values mapped across the international system. Its homepage is located at Other Useful Links to dozens of International Relations, Asian Studies, Foreign Affairs, Government and NGO Websites. Other useful Internet Resources as well as news wires and newspapers
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