Description: Somali Diaspora and Community Link Organization (SDC) was founded December 20, 2013 by a group of Somali intellectuals to respond the increased legal and illegal ethics and human suffering like poor educational development and services. The aim was to assist and help community challenges between the Diaspora and the community to have access to all basic understanding and needs of the diasporas that are coming back to the country for investments and other social needs and visits. SDC is a non-political, non-governmental, non-profit organization. It is established to help the community by preventing misunderstandings between the community the Diaspora as well as helping needy people all over the country. It has great value on the principle of participation, community ownership and sustainability. Vision statement: SDC (Somali Diaspora and Community Link Organization) enhance the Logical Understandings between both the community and the Diaspora that are coming back to the country and also to enhance living standard of Somali societies into self reliance and prosperity through provision of development programs & strengthen local capacities to address their issue of needs in a transparency and participatory approach. Mission statement: SDC provides peace promotion and building social capacity through communicating Somalis community and humanitarian aid agencies in Somalia.
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Somali Diaspora and Community Link Organization
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