Description: The Association of Kenyan Professionals in Atlanta (AKPA) was founded in 2000 by a group of Kenyan professionals based in Atlanta. The organization seeks to create a forum through which members can approach and discuss common issues, aspirations and solutions for the advancement of the member's interests, and that of the our community. Our Mission AKPA’s mission is to promote the well being, advancement and wealth of its members in both Atlanta and Kenya through the mobilization of resources and talents available locally, nationally, and internationally. Our Guiding Principles We are guided by the following core principles in prioritizing and implementing our activities. 1. Respect for each other and host country; 2. A belief that in our ethnic, gender and religious diversity we are one people whose destinies is collectively and inextricably bound to that of our motherland, and 3. To seek and pursue, feasible, effective and actionable solutions to problems confronting our community. Our Objectives · Provide a forum through which our members can establish productive networks with local and international leaders, politicians and entrepreneurs. · Facilitate members and the community’s understanding of issues relating to settling in the USA including immigration, real-estate, taxes, and career advancement, among others. · Facilitate and provide mentor-ship for Kenyan students studying in local colleges and universities to ensure advancement in their pursuit of academic and career endeavors. · Explore and encourage members to invest and trade both locally and internationally, by harnessing opportunities available both in Kenya, USA and other countries. · Act as a catalyst for wealth and technology transfer from the USA to foster development in Kenya.
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