Description: The last official handover took place on December 2 2007 one month after the elections in November 2007; when Reuben Hadzide handed over to John Henry Assabill! At a short but solemn ceremony, Ebenezer Antwi-Nsiah who represents the Ghana Chicago Club on the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago, GNC, was sworn to a three year term of office by the immediate past Moderator, Mr. Godwin Asanga.Mr. Asanga represents the Ghana Northern Union. In short remarks after the swearing in, President Nsiah assured members of the community that his administration will include diverse programs for the youth and other members of the community. He said the days of concentrating on Ghanafest and Ghana’s Independence anniversary celebrations alone are over. The outgoing administration headed by John Henry Assabill is yet to handover to the newly elected administration headed by Nsiah. President Nsiah and others were elected in December last year. Members of the council who spoke with on condition of anonymity, agreed that in one way or the other; the outgoing administration will handover to the current administration. The administration headed by John Henry Assabill is rumored to have left a gargantuan debt of about $24,000.00.If the rumors are true, President Nsiah is taking over the helm of affairs inheriting an unprecedented debt in the history of the GNC. will continue to monitor developments in the GNC and notify our readers
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Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago
Credit: Dr. Roland Holou / DiasporaEngager


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