Description: Any tragic event touches a man in two ways. It may overwhelm him and destroy his faith to go on in life, or it may force him to reassess his purpose in life by drawing strength from the tragedy. Through the reassessment, one becomes aware of the transient nature of life and sees how intertwined his life is with his fellow men. After all, man is not born to live in solitude. Solitary confinement is one of the most terrifying punishments because it deprives man of social life. Man is supposed to be a social being. His happiness is his welfare and his success depends on his ability to live with his fellow human beings and conform to norms. It was through a tragic event that the Akuapem-Mma Fekuw of America Incorporated was born. One chilly night in November of 1983, an immigrant young man from Adukrom Akuapem in Ghana, West Africa, was robbed and gunned down at the parking lot of his Isabella Apartment Complex in Adelphi, Maryland. With no known relatives in the United States, a funeral committee was formed by friends to handle the necessary arrangements for his burial. Mr. George Ohene Asante who is from Apirede Akuapem was the first to contact police when he learned of the incident. He was immediately appointed to be chairman of the funeral committee and his friend Samuel Obeng-Amponsah from Akropong was appointed as secretary. A fitting funeral arrangement and burial was accorded Mr. Boateng through the unselfish work of the committee. It was during the committee's deliberations that the two friends saw the need to form an organization to bring together the Akuapem citizens, from Ghana, residing in the Washington Metropolitan area. In 1984, the Fekuw was officially established and they became the fathers of the " Fekuw '' association. The basic objectives were two-fold. First, to create an organization that will promote the economic and general welfare of its members as well as fostering a strong sense of brotherhood, secondly, to explore ways and means for helping the Akuapem Traditional area and surrounding regions and Ghana as a whole. The name Akuapem Mma which was adopted over several others that were recommended was the brainchild of Mrs. Salome Duncan August. She argued successfully that the name of the organization should reflect the composition of its members. The name Akuapem Mma Fekuw therefore means the association of sons and daughters of Akuapem which is located in the Eastern Region in Ghana, West Africa. In 1985, the Fekuw became a member of the Okuapemman Association of U.S.A and Canada. Currently, there are four chapters in U.S.A.-New York, Chicago, Dallas and Washington and one chapter in Canada, Ontario. Today, the Fekuw is a non- profit organization and has broadened its aims and objectives which includes helping the Akuapem District in Ghana. It has also opened its doors to non-Akuapems and non-Ghanaians with the same aspirations as we continue to preserve our culture and link cultures.
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Council of Ghanaian Associations in Washington DC
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