Description: Mission The mission of the African Community Resource Center (ACRC) is to assist low-income families and African immigrants, in accessing available resources and to build the capacity for socio-economic development and create a middle class in Africa Focus The African Community Resource Center (ACRC) fulfills its mission by offering a wide variety of social and cultural activities to its target population which includes families, local civic organizations, and businesses. ACRC offers classes, special events and seasonal activities for all ages. The programs hosted by ACRC will serve the African community in Virginia and the larger Washington Metropolis to provide various services with the intention of improving social mobility and thereby reducing poverty. Our year round programming will provide educational enrichment, technical awareness and training aimed at enhancing the well – being of our community’s youth. The programs provided will target at risk youth and offer them services to help develop their academic and social skills. Our goal for the programs targeted to chillden ages 8 to 18 with an objective to help build self – esteem, improve academic performance and encourage students to complete high school and pursue a higher education. Program topics for forums will include: Manhood/Womanhood, Dating and Relationships, Family Values, Self Esteem, Healthy Eating and Fitness, Financial Enrichment and Career Goals setting ACRC will work to create a greater awareness and participation in community activities. ACRC will also work to support outreach, marketing and community activities. ACRC will maintain fiscal integrity and expand community support by increasing business and neighborhood partnerships through obtaining sponsorships for ACRC’s programs and activities. Goal To administer the programs and facilities of the African Community Resource Center, and to assist low-income families and African immigrants by planning activities to provide information to them in order to facilitate their integration to reduce poverty and become more self-sufficient. Objectives Empower Africans with timely information to assist in making informed decisions. Offer an opportunity for the nurturing of budding entrepreneurs and innovative business ideas. Provide an avenue for continuous learning in technology skills acquisition especially for the youth. Create a platform for the youth to set clearer and achievable goals through mentoring, college preparation and counseling programs. Contribute to social mobility through assistance in accessing financial and economic opportunities. Advocating and researching on critical socio-economic issues affecting the community
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