Description: History Cameroon, land of peace and stability was in February 2008 shaken by a series of strikes and popular revendications caused by frustration shared amongst individuals. The protest that led to violences brought dought to us about our identy of being a peaceful country. This event brought a reflection was based on the strategies of prevention and peace consolidation in Cameroon. From education to a better citizenship for a better preservation of aquired strategiesof th socio-economic and profession integration of the touths and their participation to political jlife in collaboration with the diaspora. With regard to this sad jevents, a meeting was held at Bastos (Yaounde) the following day. In course of the meeting, youth leaders who was present voted for the creation of an association to support cameroonian democracy, abbreviated as ASDECA, that later in january 2012 became Association for the Support of African Communities Democracy. Creation Gathered in Bastos on may 7th 2008, the present persons signators of the trial and founders of the association agree to constitute the Association for te Support of Cameroonian Democracy.supported by the 7th article of the law 90/053 of december 1990 on association liberty. Asdeca has kfor Objective, the taking on of actions to support democracy by mechanisms in Cameroon. this, in considary the promotion of young cameroonian, youth's education and granting work to actors in the different domains that is, socio-economic, professionnal and humaniterian. The site premises address is PO Box: 15691 Yaoundé, Tel: (00237) 22 21 70 87 / 22 21 67 34 Philosophy To frame and advice the african youths for them to take in hand and autonomise socio-economic and professional domain, making of them, the first gendrame of peace. Support vulnerable people in accordance with political development as defined by african States. Value scheme Sensitise the african young generation on the importance of the role she has to play in the lasting development of the socio-economic, professionnal and cultural domains. Favoriser la prise de conscience de l'intérêt supérieur de préserver les acquis, d'œuvrer à la consolidation durable de la paix et de s'engager dans la poursuite des efforts en matière de respect des droits de l'homme et de démocratie. Train this youth in learning the neuw technology and technics of creating richess. Those initiated in the idea research process, and creation of enterprise in all the economic sectors. The assisted in employment search and those are accompany in realisation of their projects. Grants them favour in all ways and technical material technological and financial assistance are granted to them for the realisation of their projects.
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