Description: Many in the world are heralding the dawn of an “African Millennium”. Culturally and politically, Africa is poised to undergo more changes and wield more influence in the world than ever before. However, much of what is visually documented about Africa is a view from outside, seen through eyes that are not African and, in some cases, not Africa friendly. Only if Africans can present their stories to the world will Africa gain renewed respect and authentically express her promising future. Our mission is to provide a global voice for Africans to tell their own stories to the world. The Company Africa TV One is the world’s leading broadcaster of African ethnic television over broadband internet as measure by the number of African channels and TV stations listed on our network. With over 40 channels from 30 African countries, African TV One has built a proprietary transmission infrastructure to solve the key problem of bringing the audiovisual contents from Africa to the rest of the world. Africa TV One acts as a bridge, a mirror and a window into Africa. It is a mirror in which African Diasporas can look and stay in touch with what is going on in their home countries. It is also a bridge for African-Americans and others of African descent to connect to their cultural and historic roots and it is a window through which those wanting to know more about and be a part of the African experience can look to see its diversity and richness of culture. Africa TV One believes there is a significant demand for high quality, family-oriented, pan-African programming that is not dominated by excessive violence, explicit sexual themes and foul language. The Company has carved a niche by connecting the millions of African expatriates, African-Americans, and Caribbean people living in North America and Europe with a high quality cultural experience that not only they can identify with, but that peoples of all races can enjoy. The demand for high quality pan-African programming has never been greater. Africa TV one viewers represent a very viable market that will continue to expand as more people come to depend on Over-the-Internet video delivery in search of high quality pan-African programming and content. Properly executed, Africa TV One will be credited for the creation of the world’s first global Over-the-Internet video delivery network delivering high quality programming for and about Africa and a pan-African Diaspora.
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