Description: A Comparative Network for Monitoring & Evaluating Democratic Governance, Peace and Ethnic Conviviality in Africa. Ethno-Net Africa is a UNESCO-MOST network of African social scientists engaged in comparative research, monitoring and evaluation of ethnic conflicts and social change in Africa. It attempts to address ethnic issues in a more constructive, comparative and regional perspective, identifying common denominators and drawing lessons from experiences in specific countries and regions. One of its main objectives is to fill the existing gaps in our knowledge and understanding of issues of ethnicity and culture in order to contribute to conflict resolution and prevention. In this perspective, it also aims at providing appropriate solutions to policy makers in need of advice on ethnic oriented problems. OBJECTIVES The main objective of the network is to provide a better understanding of the ethnicity and ethnic conflicts in Africa by collecting, analysing and disseminating information in an effort to provide an early warning system and prevent conflicts. Specific objectives include: a) monitoring, study and evaluation of ethnic conflicts in order to minimize and resolve ethnic conflicts; b) conduct comparative research on specific ethnic issues in a number of African countries; c) capacity building: training and mentoring of young scholars; d) establish and maintain a database on ethnic conflicts ACTIVITIES (1996-2002) a) National Monitoring Units were established in Benin, Cameroon, Chad, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, Togo, Zambia; b) Leaders of national teams were trained in the collection and analysis of data; c) A database has been established in Yaounde, Cameroon that collects, analyses and updates data sent in by national teams or co-ordinators; d) Publications/Documentation: The Network has produced some major documents: 1) Ethno-Net: Multi-ethnicity, Multi-culturalism in Africa, edited by Nkwi & Jua 2) Bibliography on Ethnicity and Ethnic Conflict, edited by Nkwi & Njilie 3) Rapport Général sur Ethno-Net Afrique 4) Levelling the Playing Field: Combating Racism, Ethnicity and different Forms of Discrimination in Africa, edited by Nantang Jua & Nkwi Some of these publications were disseminated. e) The Network Website was established and is regularly updated. f) Several conferences on ethnicity and related issues, were organised. g) The members of the network were trained on the use of ICT for International Scientific Coopérataion
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Ethno-Net Africa
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