Description: Established in 1996, CANADEM is a non-profit agency dedicated to advancing international peace and security through the rostering, rapid mobilization, and mission management of experts committed to international service. CANADEM maintains a roster of over 20,000 experienced Canadian and international experts. Our end-users include the United Nations, the Canadian Government, inter-governmental organizations, other governments, and non-governmental entities of all kinds. Our operations range from individual recruitments and deployments, to complex program-management and mission-management including election observation, humanitarian assistance, and governance capacity-building. CANADEM's Roster of Experts is the only roster worldwide whose primary mandate is to assist United Nations recruitment. OUR FOCUS: matching mid-career and senior specialists to field positions around the world. CANADEM possesses the flexibility required to adjust to partners' requirements: from advanced screening and the deployment of candidates, to implementing and managing international development projects. As a rapid response mechanism, we can forward screened candidates within 24-48 hours, with most experts able to deploy within 3-7 days. Since 1996, CANADEM has recommended over 15,000 experts for some 7,500 positions. Of these, 60% have been short-listed by agencies for their international positions.
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