Description: The Giving Pledge is a commitment by the world's wealthiest individuals and families to dedicate the majority of their wealth to philanthropy. WHAT IS THE GIVING PLEDGE? Return to top ^ The Giving Pledge is an effort to help address society’s most pressing problems by inviting the world’s wealthiest individuals and families to commit to giving more than half of their wealth to philanthropy or charitable causes either during their lifetime or in their will. WHO CAN PLEDGE? Return to top ^ The Giving Pledge is specifically focused on billionaires or those who would be billionaires if not for their giving. The idea takes its inspiration from efforts in the past and at present that encourage and recognize givers of all financial means and backgrounds. We are inspired by the example set by millions of people who give generously (and often at great personal sacrifice) to make the world a better place. Initially, the focus was on the wealthiest families and individuals in the United States. Since there have been enthusiastic responses to the Giving Pledge around the world, the pledge now includes people from a mix of countries around the world. WHY A PLEDGE? Return to top ^ We hope that a group coming forward to be explicit about their intentions for giving the majority of their wealth away will help: Inspire conversations, discussions, and action, not just about how much but also for what purposes / to what end and Bring together those committed to this kind of giving to exchange knowledge on how to do this in the best possible way. We live in an exciting time for philanthropy where innovative approaches and advances in technology have redefined what’s possible. Grassroots movements are proving every day how a single individual, regardless of wealth, can make a lasting impact on the lives of others.
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Giving Pledge
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