Description: Interdisciplinary The concentration has four central goals: (1) to offer students a structured program in the study of Africa and the African diaspora, (2) to help students explore the variety of cultural types and formations in the African diaspora, (3) to expose students to the connections between African studies and African American studies, and (4) to promote curricular and extracurricular interest in and awareness of the cultures of the African diaspora for the campus as a whole. THE CURRICULUM The African Diaspora Studies program consists of: AFDS 110 Introduction to African Diaspora Studies 1 unit of foundation courses (.5 unit in African studies and .5 unit in African American studies) 1.5 units of advanced courses (in no fewer than two departments) A .5 unit senior-level seminar course. Courses approved for AFDS Senior Seminar Credit: AFDS 410 Between Womanism and Feminism ANTH 471 Ethnomedicine: Africa ENGL 487 The Mulatto in American Fiction ENGL 488 Richard Wright and Toni Morrison SOCY 422 Topics in Social Stratification SOCY 463 Intersection Theory HIST 411 The Civil Rights Era Each spring, the director of the concentration, in consultation with Crossroads, the program's advisory committee, will determine the courses offered during the upcoming academic year that will fulfill the various program requirements. Courses counted toward a student's major may be counted toward concentration requirements. For a complete list of courses fulfilling the various requirements, students should consult the African diaspora studies website on the Kenyon website. Students who wish to declare a concentration in African diaspora studies should consult with the program director. FOR FIRST-YEAR AND NEW STUDENTS We offer two distinct introductory courses to orient students to the interdisciplinary nature of African Diaspora Studies at Kenyon College. These courses are AFDS 108 and AFDS 110. Each course places a distinct emphasis upon critical thinking, oral presentation and critical writing as integral components of the learning experience. The objective of each course is to introduce students to the wide range of approaches which exist to develop a firm grasp of African Diaspora Studies as it currently exists, as informed by past events, and as history continues to unfold. TRANSFER CREDIT POLICY Transfer credit may be applied toward fulfilling the 1.5 units of required advanced coursework. Students planning to study abroad should seek approval of transfer credits, in advance, from the director.
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African Diaspora Studies at Kenyon College
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