Description: Rising Soft Power of India & The Role of Indian Diaspora Rising Soft Power of India & The Role of Indian Diaspora is the theme of the Indian Diaspora Conference which will be organized jointly by the Foundation for Critical Choices for India and the Foundation for Indian Diaspora in Europe on the 26th of September, 2015 in the World Forum, The Hague. What is soft power? This term was coined by Prof. Joseph Nye of Harvard University “to describe the ability to attract and co-opt rather than coerce, use force or give money as a means of persuasion.” Thus soft power can be easily distinguished from military power or economic power as a means for achieving desired results. In popular parlance it can be described as the power of culture. The power of culture can imprint on other peoples’ minds images, sounds, tastes and smells of another nation. India’s soft power exemplified by the popularity of Indian cuisine, Indian films (Bollywood). Indian music, India’s spiritual traditions and Yoga, has grown substantially during the last fifty years. The non-resident Indians and people of Indian origin, collectively known as Indian Diaspora, have played a very significant role in expanding India’s soft power. The proposed conference will identify and examine various components of India’s soft power and critically examine the role which the Indian Diaspora can play in enhancing India’s soft power further. Venue: World Forum Churchillplein 10 , 2517 JW Den Haag T +31 (0)70 306 63 66 | E |
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