Description: Our Mission ARC works with its partners and constituencies to provide opportunities and expertise to refugees, displaced people and host communities. We help people survive conflict and crisis and rebuild lives of dignity, health, security and self-sufficiency. ARC is committed to the delivery of programs that ensure measurable quality and lasting impact for the people we serve. Our Vision Every person who participates in an ARC program or project will have a better chance to take control of their life and achieve self sufficiency. Our Principles We strive to operate by the following guiding principles: Ethics: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency, accountability and ethical behavior. Dignity: We preserve and enhance the dignity of the people we serve. Optimism: We provide hope for those in need to have a better life. Service: We use a participatory approach to enhance the delivery of our services that is appropriate and relevant to those we serve. Self-sufficiency: We enhance the self-sufficiency of the people we serve and empower them to rebuild productive lives. Advocacy: We advocate for the human needs of the people we serve and inspire the world community to respond to their needs. Stewardship: We are stewards of the human and financial resources we have been given to ensure they serve those with great need. Our Work Today, ARC works in 10 countries around the world helping victims of war and civil conflict rebuild their lives. ARC programs in Africa, Asia and the Middle Eastvprovide health care, clean water, shelter repair, legal aid, trauma counseling, microcredit, community development services, and repatriation assistance to 2.5 million people each year. ARC bases its relationship with uprooted peoples on mutual respect and a compassionate exchange of knowledge and values. ARC works with refugee and local communities to build programs that: Utilize the knowledge and experience of the people it serves Improve the lives of people in the community Train survivors and build the capacity of the community Sustain themselves years into the future
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American Refugee Committee
Credit: Dr. Roland Holou / DiasporaEngager


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