Description: THE AFRICAN DIASPORA SOCIETY AT EAST TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY ARTICLE I—NAME OF ORGANIZATION The name of this organization shall be the African Diaspora Society (ADS) at East Tennessee Sate University. ARTICLE II—MISSION STATEMENT It is the mission of the African Diaspora Society at East Tennessee State University to promote the University’s commitment to developing awareness and understanding of global issues that affect all humanity. In addition, the ADS’s mission is to foster an appreciation and respect for the contributions of Africa and peoples of African descent, in all parts of the world, to world civilization. ARTICLE III—THE PURPOSE The purpose of the ADS is three-fold. First, the organization, through the dissemination of information, will enhance the public’s knowledge of African cultures and the contributions of African nations and peoples of African descent in other parts of the world. Secondly, the ADS will assist in promoting the African and African American Studies Program through the recruitment of AFAM minors. It will also assist in the development of a strong bond between the ADS and AFAM minors. Thirdly, the ADS will develop humanitarian ties with Africa and other parts of the world where the descendants of Africans have made a major impact, with particular emphasis on North America and South America.
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African Diaspora Society
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