Description: About EAFF EAFF is a non-political, non-profit and a democratic apex organization of all Farmers of Eastern Africa. Its role is to voice legitimate concerns and interests of farmers of the region with the aim of enhancing regional cohesiveness and social-economic status of the farmers. The Federation, apart from voicing views and demands of the farmers on crosscutting issues will also endeavor to promote regional integration of the farmers through trade and good neighbourliness. BACKGROUND The Eastern African Farmers Federation was formed in 2001 and its chapter registered in member counties. VISION A prosperous and cohesive farming community in Eastern Africa MISSION To represent, lobby and advocate for Eastern Africa farmers interests and build their capacities. GENERAL OVERVIEW The formation of Eastern Africa Farmers Federtion was out of the conviction and foresight by the founding leaders to address issues of interest to farmers at all levels i.e. National, regional, continental and at global level.
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