Description: DEED project continues to support the Ministry of Diaspora to collect valuable information which continues to strengthen connections with the Kosovar diaspora in the form of business networks. These networks have proven to be very important when moving forward with other related activities, such as establishing formal associations like the “Diaspora Women Entrepreneurs Network” fifteen Diaspora Business Networks abroad, and more to be established in the future. DEED Project is promoting diaspora investments in Kosovo by supporting the Ministry of Diaspora and the Ministry of Trade and Industry to establish the Kosovo Diaspora Business Network. DEED project has helped establish fourteen Kosovar Business Networks in Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Benelux, UK, Toronto, New York, Detroit, Chicago and Dallas. Business Networks will soon be established in Finland as well, creating thus a global Diaspora network of businesses abroad. DEED aspires to utilize the business networks to better coordinate and facilitate investments in Kosovo Kosovo's economy toward its prosperity and sustainable growth. The DEED project will continue to support such efforts in the future and will remain prepared to support the Ministry of Diaspora and other relevant institutions in Kosovo on its path to further capacity development and promoting and facilitating diaspora investments in Kosovo in months and years to come.
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Diaspora Business Network


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