Description: The Immigration Professor… When I first started specializing in immigration law, one of my colleagues nicknamed me “The Professor” because I loved doing research and answering questions on complex immigration law matters. When I actually became a law professor at University of Illinois Law School, one friend joked that he wanted to call that same colleague to get the nickname “the billionaire”. For me, the “Professor” nickname became a reality that stuck with me and ultimately inspired me to put up this website. I first started doing immigration law pro bono in 1989 as an associate attorney at Sonnenschein Nath and Rosenthal. I loved it so much that in 1994 I decided to open my own law firm and do immigration full time. I still love it. The immigration system that our government set up is very complicated; yet I feel there are ways to explain it to my clients that make sense to them and empower them. Clients get information from so many sources. Some of it is confusing and some is downright wrong. All of this causes confusion and a great deal of anxiety. For many of my clients, immigrating to the United States is a lifelong dream. To not know whether you can stay here after doing everything possible to get here is very stressful. I admire my clients very much for their courage in living with this reality, trying to understand the immigration process and trying to do something about it. They are my heroes. It’s important that people who are paying good money to hire an attorney get value for what they pay. The obvious ways to get good value are by giving excellent service and winning cases. One of the less obvious but most effective ways to give value is to empower the client with good information. This is my strength and I do it in my office daily. It is my sincere hope and desire is that this website will help educate and empower visitors in much the same manner as I educate clients in my office.
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Immigration Professor


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