Description: Turkish American Association for Business (TAAB) is a non-profit organization primarily composed of Turkish / American professionals and businesspeople located in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area. MISSION: TAAB’s mission is as follows: Promote goodwill and expand awareness between Turkish/American businesspeople and professionals Network within its membership and outside the organization to exchange business ideas and promote new personal and business relationships Provide a database of contacts and information for those Turkish/American businesspeople and professionals residing in the Greater Houston Metropolitan area Create or maintain awareness of relevant business issues, employment and other business opportunities When approved by the Board, support business related activities organized by other business organizations or entities TURKISH AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR BUSINESS BY-LAWS: Membership Qualification Requirements: Sponsored by at least one current member of TAAB Business owner or professional with 2+ years full time business experience Desire to participate in the organization’s activities and promote the stated mission of the organization Approved by at least two of the three Managing Directors, or by a simple majority of the Board It is desirable that members have a valid e-mail address and access to the internet
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Turkish American Association for Business (TAAB)
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