Description: At the heart of the Vision of ICCC is God’s desire to extend His loving rule and care, through His church, into the workplaces and businesses of the world. This requires a people who will seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and then experience the reality of goals, strategies, and plans becoming an outward manifestation of an inward walk of faith… The pressures on people in the commercial world and the working life are increasing daily. Rapid disruptive change, coupled with greed, fear and corruption, is causing instability, turmoil, and chaos. Inward walk of faith - Outward manifestationProfessional excellence and integrity are both essential, however these alone are not enough to ensure survival, never mind success, in the increasing global storms we are facing, and this is just the beginning… The ICCC calls for a growing, worldwide body of believers to be raised up in the business and working life – men and women, young and old, who have died to self and are living in a new dimension of resurrection life, leading fruitful, Holy Spirit-led working lives and businesses, supporting one another, and experiencing a glorious manifestation of the Kingdom of God in the earth.
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International Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC)


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