Description: Minnesota Council on Foundations (MCF) works actively to expand and strengthen a vibrant community of diverse grantmakers who individually and collectively advance the common good. MCF members represent three-quarters of all grantmaking in the state, awarding more than $1 billion annually. Members include private family and independent foundations, community and other public foundations, and corporate foundations and giving programs. MCF is: An advocate for giving, promoting ethical and responsible charitable giving A resource for grantmaking, creating and sharing information for and about grantmakers A catalyst for philanthropy, sparking connections, networks and knowledge for effective grantmaking Vision By 2020, the Minnesota Council on Foundations will comprise a large and diverse membership, inclusive of traditional, new, and evolving philanthropic entities that reflect our state's changing communities. MCF members will customize their experience and use of MCF's highly valued services through technology and in-person interactions. Members will actively engage in self-organized networks to further learning, action, and social change and to create new models for effective philanthropy, with MCF playing a spectrum of roles from leader to convener to participant. MCF will be widely recognized for leadership in preparing our members to be effective in an increasingly diverse society. MCF will catalyze philanthropy's voices on key public policy issues that advance a more prosperous, inclusive and equitable Minnesota. Mission MCF expands and strengthens a vibrant community of diverse grantmakers who individually and collectively advance the common good. Core Values The Council is guided by four core values: Leadership Connectivity Inclusivity Integrity
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Minnesota Council on Foundations (MCF)


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