Description: NBHE was founded by Eric and Joyce Burges in July 2000. They have home educated their five children for nearly two decades and have graduated all five of their children from their home school. Their children range between the ages of 33 – 14 years old. about_img1 about_img2 about_img3 The beginning of this organization was in the hearts and minds of the 15 or more families who gathered at a park in Bethesda, Maryland 10 years ago. It was a sunny day as these families came together to share how they wanted to move homeschooling forward in the black community. The enthusiasm and excitement shown at this gathering was contagious, and it sparked the idea to host conferences that would represent the abilities, talents, and gifts that were in the existing homeschooling families. This group of innovative families knew that they wanted to preserve the legacy of their fore fathers, their faith and courage to stand for what was right. This belief led to the first meeting of nearly 30 families at what was then the Radisson Hotel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in July 2001. The founders recommended the name National Black Home Educators Resource Association, a mission statement, and the Board of Directors of the organization. (We have since shorted our name to the National Black Home Educators – NBHE – but you will notice that some of our resources still carry the old name). NBHE is affiliated with HSLDA – The Home School Legal Defense Association.
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National Black Home Educators (NBHE)


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