Description: The Armenian Cultural Association of America, Inc. (ACAA) was organized in February of 1969 with the following purposes: To assist and support needy and impoverished people of Armenian origin; To assist, support and encourage institutions, such as homes for the aged, orphanages and schools organized and functioning to aid those of Armenian origin in their general welfare; To assist, support and encourage educational institutions and charitable organizations which encourage and develop the Armenian cultural heritage; To aid students, authors, artists and researchers who are pursuing intellectual efforts in the areas of Armenian culture and education; To publish educational, scientific and literary books which reflect Armenian culture, with the object of raising the educational, cultural and intellectual standards of the community. The ACAA sponsors projects both in the Republic of Armenia and the Diaspora such as cultural and educational activities, research on Armenian topics, grants to Armenian newspapers, publications and other media outlets, and internships. It also serves as a repository of historic Armenian national documents and archives.
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