Description: Aim To promote positive image of Nigerians and Nigeria in the UK through the use of law enforcement as a vehicle of community support for the Nigerian community and to support Members in their personal and career development. Objectives To support British and Nigerian Governments’ Law Enforcement Agencies in crime reduction. To promote and publicise British-Nigerian Law Enforcement Officers (and other British-Nigerians in the UK ) who have demonstrated excellence in their chosen careers. To facilitate a positive relationship between Nigerian and UK government on law enforcement. To support British-Nigerian Law Enforcement Officers both culturally and professionally for them to excel in their chosen careers. To provide mentoring and leadership roles and programmes to young British-Nigerians on law enforcement. To support educational and cultural development initiatives aimed at creating a more positive image of Nigerians/Nigeria. To act as a facilitator between British-Nigerians, Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora involved in law enforcement to share cultural and professional best practice and information. To support the professional development of law enforcement in Nigeria. To contribute to the formulation and review of the UK law enforcement strategies and policies.
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