Description: Our values Helios Togo Diaspora is a charitable body and our values & motivation come from our citizen commitment; this commitment is what leads us to care for all people irrespective of their own background and share values Our work is fully inclusive and we reach out and support everyone who has need regardless of who they are. Our values are outworked through: Caring and loving Encouraging and supporting Accepting and affirming Having a total belief in everyone’s ability to achieve Reaching out to everyone, seeing all as equal through diverse communities OVERVIEW Helios Togo Diaspora is a diverse and innovative community based voluntary sector initiative that works at grass-roots level and is designed to bring hope in disadvantaged & deprivation stricken communities. We have a passion for people, who are our focus, and for alleviating social hardship, exclusion, isolation, deprivation and inequalities. We provide a wide variety of much needed free support services to those who would not normally have the opportunity or confidence to access them. Purpose Our target are from socially and economically deprived communities, and a large portion have children, are isolated, suffer from low self-esteem and have little or no skills designated by the Government as NEETs (No Education, Employment, or Training). These included capacity-building, networking with one another, agreeing mutual priorities, agreeing to work across lines nationalities, forging better links between communities and government/international institutions, facilitating capacity-building of local NGOs and in Africa-( Togo) and establishing a body to represent Togo NGOs in the UK Our purpose is to engage and support those who would normally miss out and fail to be picked up by the system, and thus they fail to benefit from the services that are available to them due to lack of awareness. OUR AIMS Our aim is to breakdown barriers to personal development, improve family life, alleviate poverty, and tackle the negative effects of social deprivation, hardship and bring communities together. We believe in supporting people to reach their full potential; whoever that may be, regardless of their age, race, ethnicity, religion, belief, or circumstance. We seek tackle locally and nationally identified barriers and needs, and provide specifically person centred services and relevant interventions. We also seek to Creating a discussion forum for Togolese in relation to issue they face here in UK. Helios seeks to identify and bring together the UK’s most promising individuals of African origin with a desire to support African communities in the UK and Africa.
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