Description: The Sudanese Diaspora Network (SDN) is based on the idea that every Sudanese expatriate can contribute to its homeland, irrespective of where in the world s/he may be located or the career s/he is now following. This contact approach can offer significant opportunities for cooperation development projects in Sudan. Sudanese diaspora members have an important role to play in the creation of educational, scientific and technological exchanges, which increase productivity and competitiveness in Sudan. They are a key catalyst in the struggle against poverty and the desire to improve their peoples’ quality of life. "Together only we can make a visible change for rural Sudanese communities"! By reuniting the Sudanese Diaspora communities in a Network, managed by ICAAD, a Swiss-Sudanese NGO, SDN aims at achieving the following Development Objectives create a positive impact on development and poverty reduction in the country through a systematic exchange of diaspora members knowledge, experiences and resources (e.g. through the participation in the implementation of community grass-roots development projects; by giving economic support towards micro enterprises and employment generation projects). participation in the development of human resources, mobilization and communication – referring to the organization of gatherings and shared information/skills. scientific and technical cooperation, attraction of investment for research and experimental development, professional offers or scholarships, proposals and applications of programme and projects, supported by the design of adequate public policies.
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Sudanese Diaspora Network (SDN)


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