Description: What is the Detroit Diaspora? The Detroit Diaspora is an emotionally connected community of people with many things that set them apart and one thing in common: a love for their hometown of Detroit, MI. The Detroit Diaspora is the network of people who were born in or around Detroit and care about the future of our great city. We’re people who love our home even though we may have moved away for one reason or another. Through Detroit Diaspora, we can stay connected to home, to one another and find meaningful ways to contribute to the future of Detroit. Read the Detroit Diaspora blog here. Who’s behind Detroit Diaspora? I’m Garlin Gilchrist II. Born in Detroit. Raised on the West Side, Downtown, and the suburbs. Educated in public schools in Detroit and Farmington. Trained in Engineering at the University of Michigan. I’ve lived in Seattle and now reside in Washington, DC. I want to come home. My wife, a Southfield native, and I will do so imminently. Why start Detroit Diaspora? My wife and I work to convince our comrades to come back home with us every chance we get. Detroit Diaspora is the manifestation of my vision for a path home for my family and many others. Rather than keep this to myself, I want to share and scale that experience for as many people as possible. In my community of friends and colleagues that hail from Detroit, the desire to return home exists virtually across the board. However, people don’t know exactly what their path is/should be. Where will they work? Will they live in the city or the suburbs? Is their old neighborhood still there? What about the schools? Detroit Diaspora will be a participatory storytelling space where returners can share their stories of return, those wanting to return can share their questions and have them answered and those unable to return can contribute to concrete action plans for those wanting to return home. Why join? Because you want to return home. Because you want to contribute to Detroit’s future. Because you want to connect to other people from Detroit that live where you live. Detroit Diaspora is a community that supports all that and more. Be a part of it today.
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Detroit Diaspora
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