Description: The African Diaspora Project is a program that fosters global education and emphasizes the uniqueness of African culture and heritage. The purpose is to critically examine a range of concepts, issues and events that structure the reality of people of African descent. The program takes a look into the origin and evolution of African people as a way to detect the greatness, hardship and struggle of their contribution to modern societies and future generations. It aims to broaden students’ knowledge and understanding of world history, world politics and world oppression in order to expand their potential and willingness to prepare to be future leaders. The program emphasizes the study of indigenous civilizations, philosophies and ritual practices. Participants will be required to read African literature and select text books. The program will use the African Union models and other models to teach students cooperation, unity, responsibility and self determination as a bridge to cultural awareness. The objective is to build leadership skills, critical thinking skills and cultural competence in order for participants to respond academically, culturally, socially and emotionally. The program components include: African and African American History Leadership Development Communication Skill Building Life Skills (Program Solving, Identity, Prioritizing, Negotiation)
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African Diaspora at the University of Milwaukee Wisconsin
Credit: Dr. Roland Holou / DiasporaEngager


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